how to play “Going to California” on guitar by Led Zeppelin – acoustic guitar lesson tutorial

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For more information on this lesson go here:–acoustic.html

An acoustic guitar lesson on how to play “Going to California” by Led Zeppelin.



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    Amazing sound and tutorial!!!!

  2. Thank You VERY VERY much, Dear Friend!!! With Your lessons I have opened for myself the guitar once more, which stood for about 20 years!!! And I have never thought, that i CAN play Led Zeppelin myself. You are GREAT in the explaining very easy, what seemes to be difficult. THANK YOU, my Friend! (Sorry, that I do not know Your name). Alexander Om

  3. Any chance I can convince you to play the full version like this and put it up for sale? I love your version of it, and would buy it in a heartbeat if put on any site for sale!

  4. Paul D. Satyrfyre

    Brilliant brother, I still love your teaching style and playing the best out of all of them!

  5. I wish I was good enough to play something like this, its just every time I go to play I always lose motivation almost instantly and get frustrated.

  6. Love your excellent videos, and the calm style, lovely stuff

  7. what are you playing thu to get that sound?

  8. For some reason the 5th D variation at 9:38 is giving me the most trouble.

  9. Just yes! You are a star thank you!

  10. Just discovered your site. Started watching on "Babe I 'm Gonna Leave You" and watched a couple other songs you covered. You do a outstanding job with the lessons. You are probably the best and I watch a lot of videos. Thank you very much!

  11. 128,000 subs with 358,000 views as of 1/5/17. That ain't right peoples. This guy's the best on YT, ya'll should sub if you view.

  12. Can you please explain how you multi track the video part of your lessons I would like to try it and I can multi track the audio no problem but could use some help with what app or software you use for the video…NY help would be appreciated…and I love your lessons. you have the best on youtube by far

  13. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here:–acoustic.html

  14. Franklin Gauthier-Parker

    well, last year I found this, watched it, tried it, and said maybe next year, second year of guitar, saying maybe next year lol. better luck to you all

  15. outstanding bother !

  16. good !

  17. wow, amazing !

  18. Blackopszombies33

    I dont say this much
    But this sounds better than the original

  19. Beautiful.

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