How To Play GOOD TIMES Chic Nile Rodgers On Electric Guitar Lesson EricBlackmonGuitar HD

CHIC Nile Rodgers Guitar Tutorials
Good Times Chord TABS#201
Strumming Pattern A Link
Strumming Pattern B Link
Strumming Pattern C Link
How To Use Hold Your Pick for Funky Strumming
CHIC Tutorial Playlist
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  1. Absolutely great Eric !! Thank you very much

  2. So love your tutorials! Would be awesome if you'd do a tutorial on Disco Inferno. How about it Eric?

  3. Eric, you da man! I keep coming back to your spot for correct, knowledgeable instruction! Thanks!

  4. A very clear tutorial, thanks ( strangely, some others don't seem to use the Asus4 which, I think is clearly there on the recording)

  5. Thanks Eric, that's a very useful lesson indeed! What key is this song in, and when composing funk songs, how does everything "fit in" when using all these more unusual "sus4" and dominant chords etc….i.e. what are the general guidelines for finding similar chords compared to when one is just composing a song in a straightforward major key? Thanks!

  6. Why did you disable ratings?

  7. Say Brother. Do you ever play any gospel music? You know modern stuff like Israel, Ron Kenoly , Fred Hammond? I'm playing at church and always looking for some good tricks

  8. hello great video ….question on the third chord? on your version you play A7 sus 4…..on watching nile rodgers live he seems to not play this chord but stay on E7 sus 4 ?…either works so?

  9. I have always meant to tell you, Eric, that I really like the way you have the chord tutorials in a link away from the main lesson.
    Really helps the flow of the lesson.

  10. What a great and fantastic lesson

  11. Hello,  have you covered the Chic tune "You can get by if you try"?Thanks

  12. EricBlackmonGuitar

    Welcome to EricBlackmonMusic! Thanks for watching my stuff! EricBlackmonMusic features over 2000 tutorials! Saving my directory in your favorites will make it easy for you to find lessons you like! It's updated regularly!
    To find specific artists, genres or instrument YouTube tutorials type " ericblackmonmusic rock" or ericblackmonmusic jazz" or "ericblackmonmusic scales" ericblackmonmusic Led Zeppelin" or whatever you are looking for in the YouTube search box to find tutorials! Keep rocking!

  13. I've been wanting to play this song for 35 years!! Thanks, great song and great lesson……

  14. Thanks man!

  15. Thank you sir, very helpful. You are the real deal!

  16. Thanks Eric I really enjoyed that. Great Lesson.

  17. Great tutorial. Thanx for the A7sus 4, I was missing that. My wife and I are starting a duo playing disco hits and it would a shame to playing wrongly. Greetings from Buin, Chile.

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