how to play “Goodbye Blue Sky” by Pink Floyd – acoustic guitar lesson

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An acoustic guitar lesson on how to play “Goodbye Blue Sky” by Pink Floyd.



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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson, go here:–acoustic.html

  2. Jean-Claude SEUROT

    C'est tout simplement magnifique, le son est superbe et la leçon PARFAITE. ! merci.

  3. Wish you'd played it all the way through for us…. AND I wish you'd reply (please) 🙂

  4. Man I've got some work to do. I've been playing the stripped down single note versions. This sounds WAY better!

  5. I'm having problems with my picking fingers muting the strings prematurely. Any advice on how to let the strings ring while finger picking?

  6. Is there a tab out there that's somewhat similar to your version? I like to follow along with both so I don't get confused on the left hand, but every version I find is a little different and it's throwing me off.

  7. where can i find the tabs for it

  8. I'm just learning this song now, and have been working on "Dust in the Wind" for a couple of months. I feel like I'm burning a hole in my thumb from all the picking. Any suggestions?

  9. Every song you touch you make even more beautiful

  10. LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  11. Thank you for putting so much time into your videos… Love your Taylor…I just bought a 2015 first edition Taylor 618e and this is the first song I learned on it and your version sounds absolutely beautiful … It blows my custom shop martin away…you make learning so easy. thanks again…

  12. Perfect…

  13. Здравствуйте!какой микрофон использован в записи гитары?Спасибо!

  14. It makes me feel better to know that he played single notes on the record.
    I could never really fingerpick, so this is helpful, thanks.

  15. I love your voice.

  16. That's great !

  17. Aisumasen (sorry) . I think thats the proper spelling .

  18. Great job . Uve helped me get back to the guitar . Ive been hunting for yesrs and have recently found some versions of Aisumusen off mind games . I need you to nail it and send the others packing . Ive been wanting to learn this for roughly 43 years .please help me , if possible . Thanks .

  19. The part that confuses me is when you say in the beginning that your E is tuned down to D but then towards the end is sounds like your E is turned to E.

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