How to Play Grateful Dead "Althea" on Guitar – Guitar Lesson

here’s a new lesson for Grateful Dead’s “Althea” very cool stuff going on with this tune, I hope you have fun with it!

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Thanks for supporting! Also tons of great FREE courses at my site

  2. I'm up to the "Da Dee Baa Bo" at the 9:54 mark, or is it "Da Dee Blah Bo?" Marty your're Awesome!!!

  3. Marty can you break down Shakedown for us next? I have Althea down thanks to you brother… (~):}

  4. Love this lesson. Such a sweet tune. Marty for President 2020!

  5. This song is sad

  6. Love you Man! Thank you for this!

  7. Hhey Marty from st. Joe missouri. I just wanted to thank you for ALL YOUR GUITAR VIDEOS some of us old poops still love our guitars but don't have the chops to play as well as we'd like or should after 50 yrs of playing. I love GRATEFUL DEAD TUNES….ALRHEA IS ONE OF MY FAVE TUNES OF ALL TIME…TAKE IT EASY. HAVE A GRATEFUL DAY

  8. Been watching you videos for a year or so now. Althea lesson made me subscribe. Thank you so much!

  9. Awesome. More dead covers pls

  10. I’ve never been so happy to find a video in my life ♥️

  11. So glad as a amateur guitarist we live in a time tabs and videos to play my favorite songs are easily availabke . Like Althea which is easily one of my fav songs ever. While the chords are fun what really keeps me going is wanting to be able to play lead sections of these songs, some are simple and can figure out and memorize like the lead section of loser, but songs like midnight moonlight you gotta know music theory more which is tough at that level, so many diff guitar scales, it's overwhelming, I'm 38, hopefully someday will be able to, wish more videos showed lead sections of Jerry songs. Some are out there.

  12. I love this!

  13. Great lesson! It sounds like you're swinging the beat in the A part.

  14. I’ve learned everything from this man and every body thinks I mastered it don’t listen to stupid ads you can become a skilled guitar player just from YouTube alone that’s what I did

  15. Thanks Marty. How about I know you rider with a lead lesson?

  16. THANKS, MARTY…..

  17. marty, in a world full of bloated music lessons hidden deep behind paywalls, you are doing whats right. do you have a Patreon or any other way that i could help support you continuing to put these out for free?

  18. Christopher D'Andrea

    Thank you so much for this

  19. i was so happy when i saw that you teach this song on your channel. It's so hard to find good grateful dead tutorials on youtube.

  20. Thanks Marty. Love this tune and I enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work man!

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