How to play guitar chords – LEFT HANDED absolute beginners guitar lesson

Left Handed guitar lesson.
An absolute beginners lesson on how to play your first guitar chord. The printable PDF file with chord charts and exercises is available as a free download from the GCH Guitar Academy web site.
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  1. hello there I am a Left handed thanks for this

  2. Hi! I played right-handed guitar with my left hand. The thickest E string is facing towards the floor and the thinnest E string is facing towards me. Does this sound right? Thank you for answering my question;)

  3. Many thnks…..bless you.

  4. Thanks Friend

  5. Dostoïevski Ranoucha

    may i have some help here ?

  6. crap my bloody guitar isent tuned!!

  7. Is he on a right or left handed guitar?

  8. I tried to download the free left handed chords lesson that was recommended on my Android tablet but the file will not open and also the plug-ins on your website won't work and say that they aren't supported. Do I have to use a Windows computer to be able to download and use your website and lessons properly?

  9. I don't get it….

  10. I'm right handed and I prefer the left

  11. TheBizzareOreo IRobloxI

    I've been trying multiple times a day and my Em won't come out clean.

  12. The Bandit Killers

    randomly deciding to learn left handed even though i learnt as a righty

  13. I teach upside down reversed string and over hand guitar playing, what software did you use to put those examples on the video? thanks



  15. Got a LH dreadnought acoustic for Xmas, along with your First Steps DVD. I'm struggling to get my finger positioning correct without muting the adjoining strings. Do you have any tips (excuse the pun) or could it be that I'm not suited to this particular size guitar?

  16. Who else got a guitar for Christmas?

  17. this is completely three?

  18. wtf, I've been playing guitar upside down..

  19. lol, I'm only left handed because I don't have a choice, broke my left arm several years back and can't twist my wrist all the way to reach all the chords without attempting to dislocate it, good thing videos like this exist.

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