How to Play Guitar Power Chords Easy | Beginner Guitar Lessons | Guitar Tricks

In this beginner guitar lesson, learn how to play power chords for beginners on electric guitar and acoustic guitar. Learn power chord progression and riffs.

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  1. Very good instructor

  2. Thanks for the great lesson. Well explained, detailed and clear. I picked up a lot from this one.

  3. i highly recommend her lessons on Guitar Tricks. it has a very good progression for learning and the lessons have the 3 window layout shown here. i have only been playing for a week and making good progess.

  4. Great lesson.

  5. Did u mean pinky on 4th string u said ring finger twice!?

  6. Shit guys do. I would have chosen a more shredaholic looking guitar for this video, regardless how good that guitar plays and sounds. That guitar should be reserved for talking to your daughter about birds, bees, and blow jobs. Maybe put another humbucker on it, even if it isn't hooked up. It's just a guy thing, ….. to our detriment. Thanks, Mom, for reminding me about function over presentation.

  7. Thank you… Great lesson. Please add a link to the naming lesson.

  8. Isn't this the woman that started Guitar Tricks?

  9. Is that you mother,,,can i have some more toast…

  10. Lawrence Matthews

    Thank you. Thank you. This was just what I was looking for. You are a great guitar teacher.

  11. Thanks!

  12. You look like Meryl Streep! Thanks for the awesome lesson. You’re a great teacher.

  13. Great lesson. Well explained and easy to follow. Thank you

  14. Im no expert but i think if your going to teach power chords you should also use the distortion etc to give people something inspiring to practice.This was a good lesson but you cant play power chords like your in a library.Just sayin

  15. Soccer mom finds son guitar

  16. you rock !!! Thanks for the great vid !!

  17. 'riding the rails': love it

  18. The Almighty Potato


  19. Hoka Corndancer Hawkeyes

    Awesome Teachings especially showing all angles of playing the guitar and Thank you!

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