How to play Harvest Moon by Neil Young (Acoustic Guitar Lesson ST-903)

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Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Harvest Moon-Neil Young
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In this guitar lesson we’re going to check out how to play Harvest Moon by Neil Young, wonderful ballad from the album of the same name.

Taught by Justin Sandercoe.

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  1. I like the fact that you are still in love wth A7 on this harvest riff! Thanks for sharing I've been learned!

  2. The first songs I learned on guitar were several Neil Young tunes, forty something years ago. This one however I never learned.
    Time to get busy and pay attention here.

  3. Michael Hoedebecke

    Anybody ever tell you look like Norm

  4. All good Justin, I'm still in love with A7 on this harvest riff too….

  5. August Zabriskie

    Sounds great Justin. Your voice is well suited for this styled, ala, Neil Yong. Thanks for tutorial. You're a super player and just one heck of real nice guy.

  6. I have wanted to learn this song since he wrote it. You have the best teaching style. You break it down so clearly. This is a kind of break through for me. Thank you

  7. Normally your lesson are spot on, but this one really has me stumped. What's the strumming pattern? I can't really get it. The pattern for the bit with the D cord just has be baffled. Any insight you can give would be really helpful.

  8. Hannah Rainbow Dream House

    You’ve been teaching me for years. The best by far. You had lots of hair when I started.

  9. You sang this so beautifully. Please do a full cover 🙂

  10. Justin I've learned so much from all your vids, good on ya blue…………

  11. Justin, thanks so you for making our lives so much better by teaching us how to play the songs we always wanted to play but thought we couldn't.  You are the best.

  12. Alexandre Anonimous

    …At the moment you change E to a D on the sixth string everything flows so easily I mean chords and rhythm get so involving that I think I´m going to use my loop pedal to get the harmonics part on the 12th and 7th fret … this song it´s one of the best from Neil Young

  13. Alexandre Anonimous

    This song feels so right to play at the moment you change E

  14. Nice guitar work….just some help on the vocals.

  15. Ah, Justin: I'm a basso cantante, so every note but the low note is in head voice. Now THAT'S a challenge! 🙂

  16. Tommy Shelby is pretty good at guitar

  17. Wow you have a great voice for it

  18. Finally Justin… Finally someone emphasizes the freedom to find it way of going about it. Thank you.. Forget showing the strong techniques… just find it…

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