How to Play "Heart of Gold" on Guitar by Neil Young – Easy Acoustic Songs

How to Play "Heart of Gold" on Guitar by Neil Young - Easy Acoustic Songs

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Thanks for supporting me with “MartyMusic” – Here’s an easy Neil Young song on this Monday!

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  2. How do you do that chuck stop?!?!?!?! I dont even know how to google it…. it just rings out a note for me

  3. Tnx Marty! I am a beginner, my left hand hurts a lot, the lick is very difficult for me but I am sure within 10 hours practicing the lick I can also play it 🙂
    But without you and YouTube it would be another story 😉

  4. Mitchell Gehrmann

    Cheers Marty and can you please do goodnight saigon

  5. Sergio Zúñiga Núñez

    Amazing bro

  6. I love it

  7. Love the videos but it would be a great help if you put the strumming patterns on the screen because it is hard to see what strumming patterns you are doing!

  8. Exelent lesson . thank you !!

  9. Licks r hard for me but that was really easy

  10. Play if you will the Sirus XM version of Building A Mystery
    Thanks if you can?

  11. Apokalypseplease

    Sounds so shitty on a concert guitar:-(

  12. This is awesome Marty thanks

  13. Neil Young sucks.

  14. Thanks!

  15. Incredibly great teaching style. Thanks

  16. Capo on 3rd fret

  17. TheReasonableAmericans

    Marty, I'd really enjoy it if you did "Def Leppard – Hysteria". Nobody has a good complete lesson though one fella does break down the parts even he doesn't seem to be sure he's playing it right. I think the song is quite popular and loved by wide variety of folk.

  18. Very helpful, thanks!

  19. Can you teach us how to play Neil Young’s peace trail

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