How to Play “Heart Shaped Box” on guitar – Nirvana Guitar Lessons

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Hey Guys! Marty here, hope you are still rocking and rolling.
I decided to to make a Nirvana Lessoon for you guys. It’s “Heart Shaped Box” which you will have to tune your whole guitar down to Eb and then your 6th string down another whole step so I guess you could call this Drop Db tuning. Hope you enjoy the lesson which also includes the solo. thanks for supporting marty music, and liking, sharing, and subscribing to “MartyMusic”



  1. What's the name of the pedal you used during the chorus? And great lesson btw, you break things down and made this song so much easier to learn.

  2. навали валюме

    cool, let's go

  3. Hi Everybody! After watch a lot of great players performing and teaching their incredible techniques aorund the internet, I wonder…nowadays it's so easy to learn and have access to all these great and difficult techniques and these may cause some kind of loss of creativity, the will to the search and development of your omw style.. I´ve made a simple test to verify our interpretation skills just hearing a "aparentally" simple riff. Please take a look..

  4. Do 'Roundabout' by Yes

  5. Avitt Productions

    RIP Nirvana
    RIP Kurt Cobain

  6. Enlightening as usual, thanks bud

  7. Mathilde Esmerellda

    Thank you so much for this very helpful lesson

  8. What guitar is this bros?

  9. I love you marty

  10. Tristin Vinson and Alicia Sizemore

    Is there a way to play it in standard tuning? If so please make a lesson on it

  11. Drop D b sweet fucking Jesus Kurt. YOUR KILLING ME HERE. Still love him though

  12. can you do some PanterA man? a lil Dimebag……imagine cobain n dimebag together in a song……………would be somethin

  13. NIce Marty, are you still playing the Divided by 13 these days? Love me some good old school Nirvana. Gonna throw this one into my acoustic solo set. Love the guitar too. Got the same one and color, only maple fret board. Looks great with the rosewood too. Peace Marty!

  14. You're so good!!! Wish you can show me the acoustic version with Amy Lee! Please?! Lol

  15. Thanks for the lesson! You are the best

  16. I tear up sometimes when I hear this song, it's so deep.

  17. Thank you so much Marty!!! I learn everything from you..You make it possible for me to learn all of my nirvana and other songs. Usually i'm playing the song fairly well with in 10-20 mins and i'm just a drummer so thank you sooooo much. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!

  18. Do you have patreon or something?

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