How To Play Heavy Metal Guitar – Beginners Heavy Metal Guitar Lesson

Here I show you some of the basics of playing heavy metal guitar. I’m using a Gibson Les Paul, a Peavey Classic 50, and an Okko Dominator!

Les Pauls On Reverb:

Okko Pedals:


  1. Great video! I have been trying to learn how to make these sounds and you nailed it for me. I have even been to 2 teachers and they were of no help. Thank you again for this lesson.

  2. 10;34 its hard! 🙁

  3. hi Simon. thanks dude

  4. Good info for a "non-metal" guitarist such as myself.

  5. Tone says metal. Strap length says Jazz.

  6. what is a onesie? any good places to buy metal shirts?

  7. This really helped me 😀 Cool Tut, GJ


  9. Hard metal music is so coool

  10. It's anyone finding it impossible to do the down up down down pattern at 6:57

  11. you are funny my bro:)

  12. Are you Mr.Slugworth?

  13. Is guy is the man

  14. Tidy. Made a lot clear that was not.

  15. What about contact's

  16. AND shaved head : ))

  17. Awertnex Animation

    Oh and you need the tattoos too

  18. cool, thanks 🙂

  19. Good stuff

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