How To Play Hey Joe By Jimi Hendrix – Guitar Lesson

In this video lesson, I teach you how to play “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix. I show you the chords, tabs, licks and riffs for you to get up and running on this killer blues/rock tune quickly.

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  1. Wallace-Official

    Great Cover, check out ours would mean a lot, just subbed u! πŸ˜‰

  2. can anyone give me the link to the "octave technique" video that he talks about at 7:22?

  3. Are you in standard tuning as I thought Hendrix was in Am. Shows you how much/little I know…. πŸ™‚

  4. Many thanks for this video.

  5. Just have a question. I didn't know the C Chord was used in the key of E ???

  6. slow motion ! that's funny

  7. Nice Lesson there Mr. Sage!Β  The Canadian Flirt!Β  lol

  8. CountryParkour

    love the vid man super chill man

  9. Grant Gauthier-parker

    when you try learning an awesome solo and you remember you only have an acoustic πŸ™

  10. He was to stoned to remember how he played it the last time. If you can remember the 60s you were'nt there……………………

  11. I play eltric guitar

  12. sweet!!! thanks so much

  13. you sick at teaching drink bleack

  14. Drawing Characters Studio

    it is very cool!

  15. no such thing as a blues scale

  16. Hendrix on a tele? Trousers.

  17. YourGuitarSage

    Hey kids!! Check out my free online course at:

  18. Well, Ben Affleck just taught me how to play Hey Joe

  19. so damn nicee, picked up my first guitar from my closet about an hour ago

  20. Andrewottenfeld

    What video shows those octaves you were talking about? i was looking and could not find

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