how to play "Hitch a Ride" on guitar by Boston | SOLO lesson tutorial

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For more information on this lesson and the backing track go here:–acoustic–electric.html



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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here:–acoustic–electric.html


  3. You the master

  4. Another brilliant lesson! You are easily the best guitar tutor/teacher on YouTube, so incredibly informative and true to the song every single time!
    No doubt that Tom Scholz was an absolute genius, and it’s so great that you are able to express that in your lessons. Keep up the good work and a big thank you for uploading all these masterpieces.

  5. Definitely approximated that Rockman tone with the wah!

  6. More Boston please! Great band, and great for doing tutorials on.

  7. Appearance is Not Reality

    For those who haven’t watched the demo it’s a must see.

  8. Really nice vibrato technique.

  9. Another great lesson with detailed breakdown of each section of this classic guitar song – thank you.

  10. Wow. Great lesson. Thank you.

  11. Looked at your gear page. You need a strat in your arsenal. You've done one or two deep purple tunes on your LP. Just didn't sound right.

  12. thanks for the great lessons !

  13. Is that a string butler on your guitar

  14. Thanks Andy, this is incredible and just gives me even more reason to be in awe of Tom Scholz, he was a genius, wow!!!

  15. I can watch these tutorials all day…love them.

  16. Bringing joy to quarantined axe-men everywhere…we have been awaiting this. Thanks Andy!

  17. I appreciate your teaching style. Not sure if this is the place to make request but I’d love a tutorial on REO Speedwagon Flying Turkey Trot as well as other tunes by the band!

  18. You are good. Really good.

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