How To Play – Ho Hey – The Lumineers – EASY Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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How To Play – Ho Hey – The Lumineers – EASY Acoustic


  1. Marshall D. Teach


  2. you go way to fast fucking retard

  3. Rachel Woodruff

    maybe it would be better to tell every one which chords to memorize BEFORE the lesson. up down up up dow down up down down up up up up uh un what? rhythm is rhythm if you ain't got it, best to take typing, and save yourself a lot of misery.

  4. good tutorial your good at explaining instructions

  5. Why does your version sound the best and most like The Lumineers as compared to all the other tutorials?? It's a little harder but thanks for this guide, it's the first song I will try to learn!

  6. really good tutorial, cheers!!!

  7. Your name is bropapa dude! I need look no further for a guitar teacher.

  8. cheers great tutorial

  9. This is great … !!!! Good work !!!

  10. Hi I'm a big fan of your Chanel and your videos and i was just when the part two of the Stevie Ray Vaughan Lenny tutorial will be out

  11. Can you post a video showing how to play Magdalene by Bears Den

  12. Can anyone send the entire sequence from beginning to end?

  13. It would help more if you could sing with the playing.

  14. Too much talking.

  15. Instead of the C to F sounds ok with a C to C11 (same chord shape but pinky onto 4th/3f)  Well I think so.

  16. Chris Safronenko

    I've been trying to find Austin by Blake Shelton and a lesson doesn't exist. Nobody shows how to play it, all I can find is tabs. As a visual learner, haven't been able to get anywhere with it. Any chance you could do it?

  17. Was hoping you could try the song by Lucero- "all the same to me."

  18. Yeeeeeeeeeah! Where's the hat bro?

  19. Christian Bayquen

    strumming pattern PLS..

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