How to play ‘Hotel California’ by The Eagles Guitar Solo Lesson w/tabs

How to play ‘Hotel California’ by The Eagles Guitar Solo Lesson w/tabs

Hi guys! Welcome to episode 152 of Learn that solo! Today we’ll look at the classic solo from ‘Hotel California’ by The Eagles.

Tuning: E A D G B E (E Standard)

So this is my 2nd try at this solo. The 1st one has disappeared from many countries for copyright reasons! Enjoy this delightful lesson!

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  1. That is a beautiful guitar!

  2. My friend? When u start your last section of solo, are u starting off the 14th. Of the 1st. String or is it the 14 the. Of the 2 nd. String? B/c it sounds as if you say its the first string ,but then u start off the 14th.of the 2nd. String so just curious since they both sound good starting off either one. TKS.?

  3. Thanks for a great video.

  4. can't really concentrate with that titty squishing on top of your guitar

  5. You are awesome bro, i bought and touched an electric guitar for the first time on January 10th, i have been learning from you since. i have already learned two sections, very well explained especially for a noob like me. thank you.

  6. You are an excellent teacher. Perfect pace ro learn. Thank you !

  7. Thank you so much for this solo lesson! It's helped me a lot!

  8. Excellent lesson, Chris. As always. I appreciate your thoughtful pace. Really helpful.

  9. Nicely done. And thanks!

  10. whats a cheeky bend never heard that before

  11. Do November rain guns n roses

  12. Excellent lesson

  13. we love you chris

  14. Dude…. I’m 4 minutes into it and I can tell already, you are by far the best teacher I have come by.
    Thank you!!!.

  15. I get lost at section 2 idk what im doing wrong

  16. why not do a close up.. or at least put on a dam shirt!!

  17. Can we download your tabs, where?

  18. for someone that speeds through this you make it so simple and clear even for a noob like me 🙂

  19. it should be up to Don Felder if this is removed since he wrote it. Apparently the rest of the eagles were never a bar band and played other people's music ever before, they must be that righteous to have never played something they don't own before. And the YouTube policy is that if you play music owned by someone else the owner gets compensated by YouTube for that. That's my understanding.

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