How to play ‘Hotel California’ by The Eagles Guitar Solo Lesson w/tabs


No solo playthrough unfortunately. Youtube won’t let me

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  1. guitarplayergeek

    Just want to say thanks. I've learned soooooooo much from you. Some stuff is out of my talent range, but that's the process right? Push harder each practice. Your way of teaching works with my way of learning. Outstandanding work!!!

  2. Wow, Chris Zoupa. I looked for this in a playlist I had saved it in to send to a friend and it was gone. Glad you put this one up. I find that quite silly that you cannot put the playthrough on. I watched the other one back in the fall, and it was one of the best tutorials I have seen on this platform. I was able to learn the solo and can even play it up to speed thanks to your help. It is really appreciated.

  3. Great lesson I've had so much fun learning this solo! Thanks, Chris

  4. actually learned it on my acoustic, some of the bends are not all quite there, but hey, its fun

  5. best lesson on the planet,, took a min, but got it, now to get a lil faster and im there !! Thank you Chris, your a fantastic instructor !! I looked at this lesson a ways back, but wasnt as confident then, so I tried this time and got it !! thanks again !!

  6. Thank You I really need to practice

  7. Thanks for this lesson man, you should really finally do Tears of the dragon Solo man. It is so good and Internet needs it so bad.

  8. I thought the only problem with copyrights is the use of original music! but is using a backing track also wrong?
    What about using midi for backing music?

  9. Learned many great solos from this dude. He breaks it down perfect then shows tabs what more can anyone ask. So many so called lessons are usually a showcase for their own cover version mixed with you trying to watch their hands. This is how its done Thank you sir. Never realized I didnt subscribe. I just did.

  10. Thank god. I was 80% of the way through this then it disappeared. Everyone elses video sucks. Thanks for reuploading it.

  11. "Neccesity is the Mother of Invention". Someone will come up with something so we don't have to put up with this copyright crap. And then YouTube will become obsolete. Thanks for being persistent until then Chris. We all appreciate it.

  12. Redo painkiller

  13. Hey man, thanks for the lesson. Have you thought about making the tabs available for download? It would really reduce the time it takes to memorize the solo if I could see the whole thing at once.

  14. no copyright this time …

  15. Chris, please make a lesson for Pantera – Planet Caravan solo

  16. Kicking ass for years! Cheers from Las Vegas!

  17. Is it Youtube or the owners of the Eagles catalog publishing?

    You're still a great teacher, so good on you!

    Also I love the phrase "Cheeky Pinky"!

  18. Is there an editing mistake? It doesn't start with the solo all the way through or the tuning like usual

  19. thank you for the lesson! could you please do life in the fast lane?

  20. I like the fact that there's no intro. Jumping sttaight into what we want feels pretty good.

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