How To Play “Hotel California” (EASY) by The Eagles on Guitar – Easy Acoustic Songs for Guitar

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  2. I just got a capo and this video just pop up on my recommendations hell yea

  3. I just want to say thank you so much your videos are so helpful. Could you by chance upload a video on how to play bowl for two by the expendables?

  4. Has anyone got the strumming pattern for the chorus yet?

  5. Please do Souk Eye by Gorrilaz!

  6. the devil dislikes you as of September 9th

  7. Thank you for all your great lessons brother!! Cheers.

  8. "Plenty of fs at the hotel california"-Marty, 2016


  10. Duuude your awesome but could you pleeeeaaassseee teach the solo in acoustic guitar please!!!!

  11. thanks marty you really make learning to play guitar easy and fun was thinking about bob seager songs the other day how about still the same

  12. Plenty of F's at the hotel California. I fell of my chair for that.

  13. Once again my friend Thank you. I was taking lessons for about 2 years and was going no where.. since i have been learning from you I have come sooo far in just a month!! You da man bro.

  14. Rather than just saying thanks Marty, I want to thank the entire YouTube guitar community for helping learn guitar for nothing more than the price of internet

  15. You can checkout anytime you like,but you can never leave!

  16. I was close but now I'll have it right! Shweeet! Thanks!

  17. Thank you so much! Long Live the Eagles!

  18. please make a video on how to play the solo at the end plz!!!

  19. Ismael Salazar Jiménez

    I'd like a lesson from this song wich has real badass guitar solos¡¡¡¡

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