How to Play Hotel California On The Bass Guitar

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How to Play Hotel California On The Bass Guitar

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In this video, James will show you how to play Hotel California on the bass guitar. You will learn how to play the different notes, chords and nuances of the bass part for this song in a very easy to follow lesson.

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  1. I would have never used the words "groove" or "funky" to describe this bass line.  To me… it's very utilitarian

  2. this is great, where is the rest of the song?

  3. Breaking it down is the best way to learn and you do it right!

  4. thank you. I really need this lesson. I've been cheating this song with my band mates.

  5. can you please play careless whisper by george michael.
    please- from a middle schooler

  6. eBassGuitar, you should do a How to Play Dead and Bloated by Stone Temple Pilots

  7. Humberto Oliveira

    Very nice, James! Your method is very didactic, congratulations!

  8. Excellent lesson. Would you please teach the rest of the song.

  9. Thank you for this lesson. You are a great teacher. I don't know if you take request but I would love to see some Mark Knopfler bass lessons with tab such as What it is and Cleaning my Gun. Thanks

  10. Francois O'Kennedy

    I played it slightly different but now I will play it right. Thank James great lesson. Looking forward to the rest.

  11. Great….✌✌✌…Thanks

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