How to play Human (The Killers) acoustic guitar lesson

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  1. V helpful thx

  2. Could u do tranquilize by the killers next

  3. how many strums between each chord?

  4. Parabéns. Muito bom!!

  5. Love this girl. Such a natural teacher

  6. thanks love-I'm just lazy and you helped save me time to learn this great song.

  7. Olá parabéns! Muito legal!

  8. oh never mind, i got it.

  9. what's with the F#m?

  10. edgar alexis sanchez bertrand

    cute :3

  11. Great!!! congratulations!!! you're so good!!

  12. Thaks for the lesson, i love your accent …. 🙂

  13. I have to say this was extremely useful…I just wanted a quick reference for the chords….scribbled them down from your page and played it straight off at a gig…you should be very proud of yourself for putting this together so well. Nice one ! I must admit i laughed at the last few seconds…where did you get the idea to turn it from a music lesson to a chemistry / biology lesson !!???. Awesome. keep it up 🙂

  14. umm, whats up with your F#m?

  15. I love your accent!!

  16. that is a wide neck

  17. you are a very good teacher for someone so young so much time and detail went into that video you deerve totall respect from all around te world very well done

  18. Very good tutorial, and very good singing as well!

    It always surprises me that the British accent isn't apparent when singing.

  19. i wanna bang you ! XDDD

  20. Really you are so beautiful but….

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