How to Play “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones on guitar – Guitar Lessons

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Hey guys Marty Schwartz here again from MartyMusic (
Here’s a lesson for the “Iconic” playlist for sure! It’s I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction) by the Rolling Stones. I hope you enjoy the lesson and thanks for supporting me with “MartyMusic!”

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  1. Marty my fingers like to party too, but I lost my tendon in my pinky. I have another tendon in my next finger which allows me to play the guitar great lesson, but also B7 chord works well with this song. Always give us options if possible because not everyone can do it like you just like you.

  2. That just went on the set list! Great lesson, Thanks Marty! šŸ˜€

  3. Declan Boyle Shields

    There is no limit to the power of Marty

  4. Thanks Marty!

  5. This riff was also used in April wine I like to rock.

  6. This whole time I thought the main tuen was played on a saxaphone

  7. Peter from family guy: hey rolling stones can you help i cant get an erection

    The rolling stones: sorry Peter we have the same problems

    Peter: of course it was at the time they were releasing a new album

    The rolling stones:"I cant get no satisfaction"

  8. the doors the end lessons

  9. Marty looks like a Chubby Kid Rock !!!

  10. its 2 fours not 1

  11. Sounds like you are putting an extra note in there on the lick. When you are leaving the fifth fret with your pinky finger you seem to be hitting an additional note before the pull off. I could be wrong but as I listen to Keith it sounds different to me. I love your videos and I'm not ragging on it or trying to be a negative nanny, just pointing out something that my ear is hearing. Does anyone else hear that or is it just me?

  12. Once u start playing for a while do ur fingers loosen up cause my are a little hard to shape like his

  13. well that's BASICALLY it I guess…

  14. You are the best

  15. How in god name do your finger reach, Iā€™m literally sat here nearly breaking my wrist to even hold each string on the correct bit, literally about to put my hand through a wall

  16. CaNt GeT No SaTiSfaCtIoN

  17. The Teles are expensive…we share your pain.

  18. Nice tune Marty

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