how to play "Jealous Guy" on guitar by John Lennon | fingerstyle acoustic guitar lesson

how to play "Jealous Guy" on guitar by John Lennon | fingerstyle acoustic guitar lesson

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An acoustic finger-style guitar lesson on “Jealous Guy” by John Lennon from his 1971 album Imagine.



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  1. Christian Hahn

    Is that reverb from Heaven?

  2. You inspired me to go get a good acoustic keep up the good work

  3. Loving this and your other lessons. Thank you!

  4. Joseph Calderone

    Beautiful arrangement I'm going to try my best to play it love your Channel

  5. Christopher Stark

    Can I just take a minute here – I'm about halfway through the fingering for this arrangement and I gotta tell ya this is a gorgeous arrangement of a good song. The flow and ringing tones, albeit hard to execute, are freakin' awesome. Your guitar playing is excellent but your arrangements are beautiful. Thank you, thank you. You're the best Andy. P.S. the pace of your lessons is spot on. What a great teacher.

  6. Thanks friend!! Great arrangement!!

  7. mystic pilgrim

    whats for the dislike?

  8. mystic pilgrim

    awesome…ive started sorting it out.. and stilll long way to go.. thanks..

  9. Beautiful. Perfection.

  10. Jay Ceester Deester

    A Byrds tutorial would cool!

  11. So beautiful, dang it!

  12. It's sounds nice but not sure how many of the masses can play it this way

  13. You can do one for the original Acoustic rythm from the album?

    Thank you

  14. Beautiful song and arrangement.

  15. Thank you for this lesson. I really like the fingerstyle lessons.

  16. Enchanting version for sure. Very nice. However I am wondering at the cresendoe of the chorus, "I'm just a jealous guy". Did you leave out the single notes out on purpose? I do like the atmosphere it creates, I was expecting them to ring out. But that's okay, esp if one is singing along.

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