How To Play Jimi Hendrix “Somewhere” Electric Guitar Lesson

Jimi hendrix Somewhere Guitar lesson and tutorial Chords and Lead!

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Jimi Hendrix “Somewhere” Is being released in March through Sony and I just took a listen to one of the singles of what I’m sure will be an exceptional album full of inspiration for us guitarists. This is an intermediate guitar lesson aimed at those new to lead guitar so forgive me for covering in detail some of the chord shapes.

We look at the intro riff from Jimi hendrix “somewhere” and also the chords that go through the main verse. if you want more or would like to discuss the new album then post a comment. Look forward to hearing what you guys think to this epic news!


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  1. theofficialwatermelon

    This helped a wholllle lot! Thanks. Can you do a full tutorial though?

  2. forgive me ignorance, but I want to play only with the chords "harmony" without the riffs and solo. What are the chords?

  3. awesome! only take on this that ive seen….will you eventually get the whole song?


  4. Amazing playing

  5. more of this song please

  6. can you please also do a tutorial or tab "let me go" by jimi hendrix. I've looked everywhere for it and it seems that it's in high demand here on youtube. please please :)

  7. please do the whole song Hendrix would be grateful for you spreading the knowledge

  8. Please do the rest of the song!

  9. Solo please.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  10. Please still make the solo at least ever sence this song came out I've been itching to play it I'm a huge hendrix fan

  11. fuck you

  12. great stuff, helped alot! Really itching to learn the solo, if you could do a video on that, that'd be great!

  13. sweet tutorial. definitely +1 from me on wanting a solo tutorial

  14. Great Lesson! more please Sir :-)

  15. SHOW US THE WHOLE THING, please :)

  16. Would be awesome if you could do the whole song, cause there's nowhere a tutorial to be found. 

  17. why you no make part 2

  18. do the solo

  19. Do the solo!

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