How To Play Jingle Bell Rock on Guitar – Guitar Lesson EP009

How To Play Jingle Bell Rock on Guitar - Guitar Lesson EP009

Visit for more guitar lessons like this! In this lesson, I’ll show you how to play the classic Jingle Bell Rock on electric guitar with no accompaniment. It’s always hard to find no accompaniment arrangements like this in which the player is using a pick, definitely a different approach.


  1. You are a great player and teacher love this song !
    you are very talented!

  2. beautiful!

  3. Great lesson. Try and play the parts up to speed more often so we know what it sounds like. I find myself fast forwarding or rewinding for some context.

  4. Super awesome lesson man. Love it

  5. You are good

  6. Dude you are really good and you explained it very well…. but Jesus freaking Christ you took forever

  7. completely nailed the tone !

  8. DavidKemmererMusic

    highly is definitely a word

  9. You teach this very well, and the song has some nice chords in it. Glad I found this, I'll certainly check out you website.

  10. thank you, very well done

  11. What was the name of the Beatles song

  12. 40 mins well spent! thx m8, merry Christmas

  13. Way too slow, bud.

  14. awesome lesson dude, thank you so much

  15. that felt gr8!! thanks man..

  16. Robert Wilkerson

    Thank you, I have been working on this song every xmas and with your tutorial I was able to play the entire melody

  17. great job!!! finally someone played this the correct way!!

  18. João Gonçalves

    I think you should put tablatures on your vidios because it makes easyer to underatand.

  19. Vladimir Medvedev

    Однозначно 5 баллов из 5-ти. Красиво, понятно, доходчиво. Спасибо!

  20. What Amp and overdrive are you using at this video?

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