how to play Junk by Paul McCartney on guitar – acoustic guitar lesson

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“Junk” is a song written by Paul McCartney in 1968 while the Beatles were in India. It was originally under consideration for The Beatles (also known as the White Album). It was passed over for that LP, as it was for Abbey Road. It was eventually released on McCartney’s debut solo album McCartney in 1970.



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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here:–acoustic.html

  2. Tar Crystalline

    So great. Kudos.

  3. GREAT IDEA to play the whole song first for people who already play guitar. Ta 🙂

  4. best version I've heard!

  5. Preacher At Arrakeen

    "Paul's good at that kind of thing. So is John Denver."

    John Lennon, 1980. lol.

    Thanks for the tut.

  6. I wish there was one or two slower takes at the beginning of every phrase instruction.

  7. I want to say thanks to you for putting your lessons online. I have been playing guitar since 1970 or so and consider myself a decent finger picker. All learned the hard way, you know what I mean. Since finding your site, I have gone back to play all those tunes I found tough to figure out, including JUNK! Which is fairly easy to play. I remember working in a restaurant on Cannery Row around 1982 and heard this guitar player out by the bar playing BlackBird, which my mind just couldn't grasp at the time…. It was just after the 70s so I was still recovering… LOL. But I asked that guitar player to show me how he played it. Then I realized I needed to know my fret board and understand the octave changes. That took another 10 years as there was no internet and lessons were 15 an hour. Ultimately, now at 61 years old and can still pay attention, I learn these tunes from you in a day or so of practice. You are definitely the best instructor of technical playing I have seen. Congrats,. Peter

  8. This is the only right version  on YT … bravo!,  fantastic!  The privettricker's version is wrong …

  9. Hey man, could you make a video on "Man we was lonely"? I love that song! cheers!

  10. You are an awesome guitar player and teacher!

  11. arnold padrigon

    SUperb!! thanks for sharing..

  12. Frankly, there are recurring licks throughout the annals of rock….the descending bass line over a minor chord was picked up an given a slightly different twist by Page/Plant in "Stairway". Like you note with Paul, he has signature lines and techniques that pop up in his catalogue….the descending bass line from a C major to an A major played with arpeggio effect has been in many of their great tracks on Abby Road and later albums.

  13. Hello
    can I get the tablature?

  14. Thank you so much for this lesson. When you said there's more to playing this tune then it appears, you were correct. You nailing the strumming pattern is amazing. The Taylor sounds great! I have a 410ce, it's loud, but you're getting a beautiful tone out of your 210. Like Paul, you're a very clean player. I'll see if I can kick a buck or two to you in appreciation for the lessons.

  15. Bravo. I love that song.

  16. simply fantastic

  17. Michael Flaherty

    Is there a tab available to this arrangement?

  18. Paulo Rogério Alves

    muito bom

  19. Really good! You got the talent to hear the fingerings!

  20. very good lesson!

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