how to play “La Grange” by ZZ Top – guitar lesson rythym

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An electric guitar lesson on how to play the classic “La Grange” by ZZ top. A fairly simple riff that’s easy to play poorly! It incorporates hybrid picking and takes some work to get it tight. Billy Gibbons comes up with another timeless riff with this one.

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  1. what should i have my tuning under? regular?

  2. Man I'm so glad I found your channel your an awesome guitarist and teacher, thanks for all you do. Best guitar tutorials on YouTube.

  3. Your neck pickup is awesome!! Your LP sounds like a les Paul but has a little snappiness of a Fender…sounds a lot like Billy's pearly gates guitar. Stock pickups or SD pearly gates?

  4. You my friend melt faces, I rolled through as many videos as I could and you sir are awesome. I appreciate the time you put into these.

  5. Mike McCarville (Rocketman)

    It looks small when the player is 6'5"

  6. This one is one of the best rhythms ever ! Thank for the kick ass videos !!!

  7. I love it – excellent tone!

  8. A tip:
    if u play acoustic guitar it sounds better with finger picking cause A will sound loud
    and for electric both …

  9. kjilk “kj4ilk” simble

    sir i might not be a guitar expert but im pretty sure your not using a full sized one (give away by the neck and the tuning stubs being in view) im just calling it like i see it. but like it still

  10. Thank you!!!… someone teaching the right way. OUTSTANDING!!!

  11. Hey you, my friend from the iconic

  12. If the finger picking really isn't for you try doing gentle up picks it sounds quite similar

  13. Very good lesson……… everytime on your channel………….

    I love all the details that you explain each time that for me make the difference…when you try to play a song in the same spirit

  14. I don´t know if you reply to old videos but please make an lesson on how to learn by ear, and if its too long please make part 1, 2, 3 etc

  15. Man you are a great guitar player! Thanks for all of your guitar video's.

  16. That's some compression going on there! :D

  17. Just discovered your channel. Stellar job on this. You are a great teacher. I agree with you that the rhythm carries the song, but I'd love to see a lesson from you on the lead as well anyway. There are lots of attempts, but most lack the feeling / phrasing that you seem to be able to capture. Regardless, thanks for a killer lesson.

  18. your tone is smashing baby! Yeah! lol….Great TONE

  19. Beast

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