How To Play Land Down Under – Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Here is a classic 80s jam brought to you with some Acoustic bounce. It is a great song to play at parties because most people can at least defend themselves through the chorus and it makes a great sing along. I have brought the house down once or twice with this one. The combined familiarity plus surprise really gets crowds going. Here it is, play Land Down Under by Men At Work.

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Plus our barre chord links
A shape –
A minor shape
E shape

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  1. I come from a land down under, where giant bees plunder!

  2. Miguel Ángel Tamayo Ramírez

    Guatapé, Colombia!!! wooow, Antioquia is great!

  3. Turn down the saw or wait til it's done then rec

  4. How about a tutorial on Ventura Highway by America… Love your channel

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