How to play Landslide by Fleetwood Mac – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

This is a great fingerpicking guitar lesson for all guitar players. In this video you will learn how to play Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. More guitar resources check out

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Hope you enjoyed this guitar lesson on how to play Landslide by Fleetwood Mac.

Keep up the practice!


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  1. you remind me of paul rudd for some reason

  2. That was extremely cogent. Thank you so much. I'm having a blast playing this.

  3. Thanks for the help,you are a great teacher.

  4. The pattern you are playing is accurate but I would offer that you should do the correct "Travis Picking" alternating bass with the thumb so the 5,3,4,2,5,3,4,x pattern is played with the T,I,T,M,T,I,T,x. (The "x" indicating the pause). There is a reason for that. Playing it this RIGHT way has a sightly better feel, frees up the fingers, and will benefit the learner greatly when he tries to pull off many other fingerpicking songs. For this song, you can get away with playing it like you are for the most part but there are other tricks and variations in this song that will take freeing up the fingers to play effectively.

  5. Could you please do a guitar lesson for Stephanie off of the Buckingham Nicks album? I would very much appreciate it!!

  6. Great video, thanks! The real mind and finger bender is how Lindsey incorporates the studio guitar break into the live performance while fingerpicking.

  7. Just want to thank you for this- as an intermediate player this helped me pick up this song in 20-30 minutes. Great teaching style. Nice to see an instructional video that doesn't stop to show every note of every basic chord but still explains good tips on learning the song effectively.

  8. thanks bro

  9. Is that a Gibson Sj 200? Love your videos they help me tremendously! Best guitar teacher on YouTube.. Can you please do a tutorial of the giving tree by plain white t's. Can't find any helpful tutorials for it. 

  10. Watched 3 of your videos so far. I've progressed more in one night than I have in months. Thanks for terrific breakdown of songs.

  11. 5  3  4  2  5  3  4,  and  for the chords that the base is on 6 string  such as E minor we replace 5 with 6, I think this is the right order, dear teacher,  string 5 and 4 played with thumb. Thank you posting

  12. Thank you for the metronome 160 bpm tip! I never hear that info from tutorials!

  13. they do Am7 instead of am

  14. That is the K.I.S.S. rule. Keep-it-simple-stupid! I do my best to live by this rule when it is possible. Never has done me wrong (I am 51). Excellent instruction. Thank you for sharing you knowledge with us. Keep-On Pick`en. From Sioux City,Iowa.   


    very good

  16. Eirch,thanks! Im picking up my guitar every day now thanks to all your help. Cheers

  17. Thanks for all your great guitar lessons!! They help so much. First off I love your guitar. The gibson is beautiful! It's my dream guitar! One question. In the intro to the video it didn't sound like the same picking pattern you explained in the video. I never heard you end up picking the A string twice. Coil you please tell me the exact picking pattern! Thanks so much!

  18. futureworks6116

    nice, the finger pick part was confusing, i need help with the picking of the change cords…it has been great   thx so much

  19. killyourtelevision

    Erich – Thank you.

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