How to Play “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac on Guitar – Acoustic Fingerstyle lesson

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Hey guys! Marty here from “MartyMusic” again with a nice finger style iconic song lesson. Thanks again for supporting me here!



  1. Thanks for supporting MartyMusic! Free HD courses when you sign my newsletter at

  2. Yes. Songs like this and "Dust in the wind" are my favorite!

  3. Inspirational as always Marty. Keep on pickin'!

  4. I'm very confused. I can play this, Sweet Child o' Mine, Iron Man and Alive by Pearl Jam pretty well but I can't for the life of me deal with Stairway to Heaven. One of the chord changes (where you have to bar the 2nd fret) always gets me 🙁

  5. Great tutorial thanks! Can you do a tutorial for half the world away by oasis? Thanks again!

  6. how about a lesson on the solo? the live fingerpicked version.

  7. this version sounds better than the one on guitarjamz 🙂

  8. Hey Marty.. Awesome lesson but I have one question on the chorus. Is it

    D/F#-G-Em-C-G/B-Am7-D/F#-G-"D/F#"-Em-C-G/B-Am7-G/B-> main part

    ….. or does it skip the third "D/F#" and go right to the Em like it does the first time? through?

    Thanks very much!

  9. I love your T-shirt! I need one.

  10. Thank you for this! One of my all time favorites and have always wanted to learn it!!

  11. PLEASE do the oh sweet nothing guitar solo by velvet underground!

  12. UltimateGuitarCovers

    Nice song, never heard it before will give this a go, thanks marty

  13. Can please you do The Siren by Graveyard, there isn't on on YouTube yet.! 🙂

  14. Marty nice videos, but how come not much Van Halen, or Randy Rhoads? Would like to see you nail their material as you did with all the other videos you do!

  15. I LOVE THAT SHIRT!!!!!!!!

  16. Could you do Guaranteed by Eddie Vedder?

  17. thank you so much marty full support to #martymusic

  18. How about a tutorial on the chain!! Also what kind of strings do you use on your taylor?

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