How to Play Lay Down Sally on Guitar – Eric Clapton Song Lesson

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Eric Clapton, who is lovingly and respectfully referred to as “slowhand,” has turned out a blend of rock music infused with the blues for decades. His guitar playing is responsible for launching the careers of countless guitar players who’ve learned from his technique and gone on to become great players in their own right. One of Clapton’s early hits, Lay down Sally, is still an expressive display of funky guitar picking and guitar strums that are iconic, memorable, and fun to learn. In this lesson from Guitar Control, you learn how to play Lay down Sally on guitar with an Eric Clapton guitar lesson with Jon MacLennan.

Check out this Lay down Sally guitar lesson and learn how to play the chords to Lay down Sally, how to play the funky grooves that permeates the song, and how to play Lay down Sally on guitar with that Eric Clapton style that can’t be denied. This Lay down Sally lesson on guitar gives you the Lay down Sally chords and shows you how to combine the layers of guitar parts from Lay down Sally by Eric Clapton so you can put together a version of the song you can easily play on a single guitar. Jon breaks it all down for you and shows you how to play Lay down Sally on guitar in its entirety.

Learning how to play Eric Clapton on guitar or how to play Eric Clapton songs, or songs by any of your favorite guitar players for that matter, is a great way to build your own guitar chops. Whether you’re checking out a Lay down Sally guitar lesson or learning how to play easy guitar songs, it’s all a part of the learning process. If you’re an Eric Clapton fan, however, this Eric Clapton guitar lesson from Guitar Control shows you how to play Lay down Sally on guitar. This is a great Eric Clapton song. It’s fun to learn and teaches some very cool picking techniques for guitar. Turn up your amp and let it rock.
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  1. Thank you. Please add the lead part.

  2. Your the best teacher!

  3. Amish deviant with Herpes

    You are pretty chill.
    How are you
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  4. Great lesson for a great song. Thx.

  5. thanks man!

  6. Great stuff Jon and thanks for showing us

  7. thats a beautiful guitar

  8. Playing exact same thing is boring. So good

  9. Hi,
    The tone of your guitar is perfect!
    What effects are you using?

  10. Thanks! I've been struggling with this for years!

  11. Dude! You da Man! I'm learning this from watching you. Regards Mate. Mike.

  12. I've tried to learn that riff multiple times and after watching this I learnt it!!

  13. Thank you for sharing a terrific tune. Love it.

  14. This is simply the only lesson on YT that nails it!

  15. this can open a can of worms ive tried for years to cop both tracks…..frustrating i end up playing both parts poorly lol u got alot more progress than i ever have thx

  16. Right on!

  17. Great video!!!…Have to give ya 5+ stars on it!!….THANKS!

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