How to Play “Layla” by Eric Clapton on Electric Guitar – Derek and the Dominos

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  1. Get your free multi-hour HD course for signing my newsletter at thx!

  2. Mostafa Abo-youssef

    Amazing lesson as always, thank Marty!

  3. Kevin Costello

    Great lesson Marty bring on the slide!

  4. Stephen Sanders

    a few months ago I was stuck in a rut with guitar and getting bored AF. discovered your videos and I don't think I've ever enjoyed playing this much before. cheers!

  5. Love the videos. You're such a great teacher.

  6. Let There be Rock by AC/DC, no good channels like you have done a tutorial of it and id love that

  7. Drew Stathakis

    Maybe I misunderstood the lesson but when you switch from the verse to the chorus you actually don't do the first part of the intro with the power chords just the second one with the bending. Listen to the song and you will here it.

  8. absolutely no emotion in the way he played that. sounded like a robot. I didn't like it

  9. Please do negative creep!

  10. Claudia Corintio

    Thank you Marty for all the awesome teaching videos…'re such a good teacher….

  11. Thanks man helped a lot

  12. Hakeem Affandi

    do buried alive avenged sevenfold pleaseeee

  13. yes please do the slide solo marty

  14. Could you do a lesson by Peter Greens fleetwood mac due to a lot of people debating between Eric And Peter. To be honest I like peter green better but Eric is still awesome as hell.

  15. Alexiosization

    youre the best! Whenever I see your tutorial on the side I always pick it over anybody elses because you make it so easy!! THanks for the video man.

  16. hey marty do you who michael bamford is?

  17. Your the King of Teach Marty! I owe you a little $$$..

  18. Something Something

    Marty I've been playing guitar for 7 years I started in 3rd grade watching ur vids to learn and I still watch u today your personality and the way u teach really​ help me learn thanks for being there for me all these years bro I truly appreciate you and look up to u

  19. great lesson, in the initial section, can you use bar chords?

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