How To Play Layla by Eric Clapton on Guitar

Learn how to play Layla in this online guitar lesson video presented by Center Stage Guitar Academy. Please visit
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  1. Very good I mainly wanted the chords you saved me a lot of time working them out and how they are approached. But you did explain the licks very well too. Thanks You have a refreshing workman like approach that is very appealing.

  2. great lesson thanks mate

  3. Really like your emphasis on timing between different parts – many thks

  4. Great Lesson,  Great Teacher. Thanks!

  5. Hey nice video I have the same guitar !:-)

  6. best lesson on You Tube!

  7. Thanks for a great lesson!!

  8. killer. thanks for posting.

  9. wow I have the same tv yellow Gibson:)

  10. Thanks for transcribing the piano part. I think you're the only one that's done it! Nice job mate!

  11. Which guitar is that.
    Its beautiful

  12. A decent lesson. What I would suggest is that you take all level of players into consideration. An intermediate player could move along a lot faster, so I suggest you play the riffs completely first, in context, once again a bit more slowly, then break them down so that those that catch on quickly can move on to the next session without having to endudure "put your little pinky on the 26th fret", etc. Thanks for taking the time (in spite of my criticism).

  13. there are goo-gobs of songs I never learned to play, because I couldn't play the chords as written. Nobody ever told me about playing partial chords, which are vastly easier to play (and seem to sound better and richer). Thank you!

  14. Great job making a complex song approachable….

  15. Nice lesson. Very helpful.

  16. nice lessons

  17. Макс Пэйн

    Great song,great lesson.Keep it up bro!

  18. Excellent video, I'm 6 minutes in and I've learnt to play it so far. Never thought I would, but it's a lot of fun

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