how to play "Layla" Unplugged on guitar by Eric Clapton | RHYTHM lesson

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An acoustic guitar lesson on how to play “Layla” by Eric Clapton from the 1992 “Unplugged” album.



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  1. Dcvbkyrsscbgdsxcgf

    So far you are the only guitarist on YouTube I have actually donated to. Great job, as usual.

  2. It's just in open A ah!

  3. The best guitar learning site on YouTube is right here…… come on peeps hit that subscribe button, It’s completely painless, and you won’t regret it !

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Love this. Was trying to learn it since last week. This came at the right time to help me out. Thanks.

  6. Perfectly brilliant!

  7. It is nothing short of a crime, that you don’t have more subscribers. I’ve been watching guitar tutorials for over 7 years. You are easily the best, in my opinion. Your production, to your instruction, everything is perfect. All that, and humble enough, to never show your face. Thank you so much for everything you provide, and please keep up the great work.

  8. Absolutely beautifully done! Your guitar tone is outstanding.

  9. Cut your own album

  10. Interesting Things

    Damn. So smooth.

  11. See if you can spot this one!

  12. Outstanding as always Andy, thank you! Long time subscriber here 🙂

  13. Can you comment on fretboard oil / lubricant that you use or recommend? I live in the Midwest and it's pretty dry here so the rosewood dries out.

  14. Get behind Andy and get those subs up. It's the least we can do for all he gives to us

  15. Tommy from IRELAND

    NICE SOUND off the guitar buddy…….. best wishes Tommy…

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