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How to play lead electric blues guitar solo skills lesson – In this lesson we teach more blues lead guitar playing techniques and devices in the style of BB King and many other blues players. its a lot of fun.


  1. thanks Marty I got so much out of your lesson from Galway

  2. he kinda looks like boy george with that hat on

  3. hello,great video here,can you please tell me where can I get the backing track which is played here in the end of the video?Thanks

  4. Apul Toraja Manullang


  5. What kind of pedal do You use for blues?

  6. BrianCoyneMusic&Art

    This was super helpful. Now I understand when to switch between major and minor over these happy blues progressions. Thanks, Marty!

  7. Nice!

  8. Very nice.

  9. it a bit like a song I have a hard time to learn “Hide Away” by Freddie King

  10. Your the best marty but you really need some new hats

  11. I've always thought BB King was way over blown as a guitarist. The lemon face made it look like he was really doing something great…not. Still liked his music and always like your lessons, the best on the web. Thanks again.

  12. I knew this was one of Marty's lessons.

  13. MyCrippled Hamster

    Am I the only one who finds it funny that Marty is everywhere

  14. Ooo magaaa meeen o ma ga!

  15. 19th fret marty – David t

  16. The audio and the video aren't in sync


  18. Omg, this helped me so much!! Thanks Marty ^^

  19. The low E can be added to the E9, gives that bassy sound.

  20. Kick ass man! Enjoying your vids! Will follow along and see how far i go. Cheers!

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