How to play lead fills between chords – Guitar Lesson – Filler licks – EP054

How to play lead fills between chords - Guitar Lesson - Filler licks - EP054

Visit to download the tablature for this lesson as well as to watch the second video in this series (Part 2). Be sure to look for EP054.

In this guitar lesson, I’ll show you how you might start to think of playing filler lead notes in between chords on the guitar. I’m playing 4 basic chords (G, D, Em, C) and play lead licks in-between those chords. I’ll also explain where those licks come from so that you can start to create your own filler licks using this technique
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  1. Great teaching method Brian and you do a brilliant job. I realize the Alvarez was a freebie but teaching with a guitar minus the fret markers doesn't make it any easier for the student.

  2. Thank you very much

  3. Nice. Thank your lessons

  4. Flemming Brandsborg

    you the man

  5. takhellambam singh

    This lesson helps me advancing further.thanks for detail expresson pl do keep up the good work.

  6. You have great information to share and I appreciate it. It would be easier to follow if you used a guitar with the usual frets (3, 5, 7, 12) marked. Thx.

  7. Absolutely the best guitar lessons on the Internet in my opinion. great instructions very easy-to-follow.

  8. Nice work bud

  9. lonewolf1234512345

    Glad you cited Hendrix at the end, as I believe he brought to light all this stuff (Little Wing, etc.)–with a few more sonics :)

  10. lonewolf1234512345


  11. its nice,,but u dont need to take long time,,,,

  12. Very helpful, thanks

  13. Can somebody give me some tips on the D lick.  I play the hammer on and start the slide but there is no sounds by the time i slide back. Anyone else find this tough? Have any tips? Thanks

  14. Well done lesson,good stuff to know,thank you!!

  15. Love how you explain things so simply and clearly.  Keep up the great work.

  16. so basically its only a licks and not a scale??

  17. +Active Melody why do you have steel strings on a classical guitar? just curious why you arent playing a regular folk guitar if you are using steel strings.

  18. Brilliant lesson! Thanks for posting!

  19. brilliant lesson thanks a lot really opened a few different ways of playing for me, and i didnt mind the non fret markers on your guitar its not that difficult to figure out. Thanks man .

  20. Muchas gracias, dude! That's a tasty little lesson for me. I already had several bits and pieces of that which I would use, but this taught me how to knit them together. Neat-o, and I especially like the 'hint-o'-Hendrix' flavor that had coming out of the C chord. Good stuff :)

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