How to Play “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers on Guitar – Easy Guitar Lessons – Acoustic songs

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  1. Cleiton Sandes Torres

    congrats man. THank you

  2. More good stuff. I've learned so much from you. Marty you are great man!

  3. yow you crazy on the guitar man I can't play but I watch your videos

  4. what you're doing is so awesome. I'm 33 and learning quickly. I owe you all the credit in the world. thanks! the gift of music is the greatest, and so many lessons for free is a beautiful thing…

  5. Absolut perfekt. Danke.

  6. jeffrey worthley

    Marty you are my go too guy to learn a song.  I dig your style man.

  7. Günter Chrupala

    What a nice Giutar, it sounds sooooo gooood , great job!

  8. Trizetan Gragasin

    what's the guitar tune of the song? 🙂

  9. Thanks btw, I love Bill Withers

  10. Can I ask are you using your thumb to mute the E string?

  11. Is this considered a beginner in your DVD series? This does not seem beginner-level.

  12. Lol's Ive been playing F in hard mode for to long…fingering FTW!

  13. keaton Bender-Mitchell

    Hey man I finally started to learn how to play my guitar that was sitting in my closet for years and I cant say thank you enough for showing me these cool and easy songs

  14. This is such a beautiful song. Thank you Marty. You are the best!

  15. 6:57 where you play the B section, you nail the feel perfectly. THAT'S the way to pull that off on an acoustic. Well done.

  16. Samuel Davidson And The One Night Band

    You are amazing! That is all!!! Thanks for being a bloody awesome teacher man!

  17. Great work! 😀

  18. learnt alot! thanks !

  19. Travis Valentine

    I have to use a k-pole because I have arthritis in my hands. do you have any video's for this

  20. WOW ! Thank you so much I thought I couldn't do it at first but after a few minuets I could play the whole song.

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