How To Play Led Zeppelin "Black Dog" on Guitar – Guitar Lesson – Les Paul

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  1. Marty, you are the absolute best guitar teacher on YouTube!

  2. Trying to play this on my acoustic because I can’t afford an electric and I’m struggling to bend on the chord part. What do I do?

  3. Another excellent lesson Marty. : ) Thank you so much! : ) I really appreciate this sir. : ) . . . Wow, this is such a good lesson. I am all smiles. : )

  4. 1:221:26 my boi marty be spittin straight facts

  5. Jose Emmanuel Bueno

    the timing is hard, when you play it with the record

  6. I love this riff so much that now I'm trying to play it in my stupid acoustic.

  7. please play regulator by clutch

  8. Marty, You Don't Just Rock & Roll…
    YOU ROCK & RULE!!!!!!!!!

  9. Love the Midnight Sun Brewing Tee, might've printed that one for them

  10. The rhythm at 16:54 isn’t correct. The second time through the riff starting on the E string is not the same rhythmically as the first time.

  11. Omg i have the same pick as yours!

  12. Great lesson!

  13. Marty, great lesson. What color is that Les Paul? Is it a tobacco or bourbon burst? Its beautiful.

  14. Tanks

  15. I find it much easier to bring my middle finger over from 6th fret of D rather than rolling my ring finger… obviously whichever is easier but for some reason I can’t get it to sound smooth unless I do it that way.. I do something similar in the intro to sweet child

  16. Love your easy teaching methods. Thanks

  17. Thanks Marty…ive been trying to get that timimg tricky part for a long time now…tabs didnt help…other videos didnt help…but yours did…i got…

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