How to play Let Her Go by Passenger – Easy Acoustic guitar Lessons

How to play Let Her Go by Passenger - Easy Acoustic guitar Lessons

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here’s a nice beginner lesson on how to play “let her go” by passenger. I hope it helps

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  1. Thanks this song is definitely a song i will love playing

  2. i fucking hate you kristine noya

  3. this is like play the guitar at church chorus :/

  4. which one of the parts is for the refren?

  5. Thank you for the help now I can play it

  6. i always learn so much from your videos thank you! Could you do Passenger next? (powderfinger)

  7. Can you please teach lamb of god walk with me in hell

  8. staming patern agagina

  9. Damn marty..
    You have become so fat and old …
    Wow time changes everything

  10. can u help me with…impossible by james arthur plz….

  11. What guitar are you using?

  12. I was looking for picking not this…

  13. Sir can you teach us the chords of the man who cant be move

  14. Wuts the strum how to strum with guitar

  15. He looks like Alex Mandel

  16. Thank u SOOOOO MUCHH!!!!!!! I wanted to learn this song so much!!!!!! :)

  17. thank you

  18. I think the rhythm pattern is : D D D D U U D D U D U

  19. so fast does anyone have rhe patern down x4 up up ??? plz help

  20. What strings do you use

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