how to play "Little Martha" on guitar by The Allman Brothers | acoustic guitar LESSON

how to play "Little Martha" on guitar by The Allman Brothers | acoustic guitar LESSON

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An acoustic guitar lesson on how to play “Little Martha” by The Allman Brothers from the album “Eat A Peach” released on February 12, 1972.



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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here:–acoustic.html

  2. Thank you!

  3. Just turned 71. Been wanting to get this tune (Little Martha) under control since I heard the E. a P. album. (Also Embryonic Journey, of course. Got that at last thanks to Jorma K.'s instructional vid.) I had most of it, but this takes it home. I'm so glad to hear myself pretty much swat this out; so's my wife. Thanks a ton.

  4. Love the way you look like the invisible man except for your hands! Maybe it's really Duane??

  5. Watching and listening to this, I keep hearing Leo Kottke's version, which I really like, playing in my head. It introduces some slight cognitive dissonance! Ain't nothin' dissonant about your playing, or Leo's version for that matter.

  6. The perfect balance of explanation and cutting through basics. Excellent pace for learning new songs when you aren't a novice guitar player

  7. Awesome lesson; thanks!

  8. "Poor Boy A Long Way From Home" taught by John Fahey – brought me here. JF plays "Poor Boy", in the key of D, ( as you say, the key "lower" than E ) , but would be the same, obviously, when it is capo'ed at the 2nd fret, as good ol' Martha. I too, spent years trying to play it in standard tuning, until I found it in a guitar magazine. Undoubtedly, SUAPYG is going to be the true representative interpretation. As soon as I get a job I'll be throwing some cash for all the education I'm filching.

  9. Open tuning .. no wonder I could never figure it out decades ago

  10. Great lesson. However, is there anyway to see this on paper? The fingers are a blur

  11. this is great for the not over-explaining strings and fret numbers alone

  12. Gilberto Alves Lopes

    The like goes before the play. Thanx for the awesome post !!!!

  13. finally, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  14. Classical gas mason williams acoustic version paul simon angie… thanks

  15. Nicely done!

  16. Nice work. Do Crimson in Clover next.

  17. What guitar model is this?

  18. As always, Nailed it!

  19. Another great tutorial clear and concise who could ask for more. I wish my Taylor sounded as good as yours. I found your Foxglove and now this, two of my favorite songs. You make my trouble and strife become bearable. Keep it up

  20. Great lesson! (Right up there with your The Rain Song lesson) and another Open E song to go with We Just Disagree. How’s about an Open E trifecta? Maybe The Black Crowe’s tune, She Talks To Angels.

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