How to Play "Little Wing" Jimi Hendrix on Guitar

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  1. Thanks for the support everybody!! Also, tons of Free courses at my site

  2. Watch Your Tone Man!

    Thanks for posting!

  3. Great lesson!would like to know what guitar that is,must have a thick neck to sound that great..?

  4. Relaxed Amphibian

    Blew my dad away haha thx Marty 😉

  5. Could you do "Jingo" by Santana?

  6. Marty – Many thanks for this video – you're a FIRST CLASS teacher – very methodical and clear in your explanations. Great to have a good lesson for this beautiful song – one of my favourite Hendrix tracks. Maybe a tutorial on the lead some day??

  7. I’ve been trying to learn this to impress my Dad and my friends cause they think I’m bad at guitar and when I watched this video it was so much more easier to learn because of how taught it to me love you man

  8. Sick lesson my man, I’m blazed as right now and I thought to myself shit I need to learn this. So I clicked on this vid, now I can play it.
    Thankyou ma dude, blaze up and play along to some sick ass tunes

  9. why is your tuning off?

  10. YES i do want to learn this

  11. Have to say: this is superb and catches the "feel".

  12. Captain Squirrel

    Thanks Marty, now one of my favorite songs to play, my go to whenever someone asks me to play guitar

  13. Hey Marty. Seeing as the guitar has been dropped down to an Eb tuning, do you still say the song in the key of "Em", or is now in Ebm?

  14. Well done vid. Good camera angles and nice demonstration of song parts. Finally a guitar instructor on YouTube that teaches insead of showing off. Nice Strat by way.

  15. Always great lessons. Have you ever thought about and over the shoulder camera angle? I think that would help some players having the same view you do as when playing in the bottom corner of the main screen. Thanks (as I lock myself in my office, draw the curtains and start learning the song)

  16. Yes man! Got it! Thanks so so much! I was a bit resistant in the beginning cos u don't use tabs, like how tf am I supposed to learn this shit without tabs, but you just teach in a way that it's perfectly clear. So excited to practice and finally get in touch with one of my favorite songs ever. Tks again, subscribing now

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