How to play Lola by The Kinks (Guitar Lesson SB-414)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Lola – The Kinks
More Info:
In this guitar lesson we check out Lola, the massive hit for The Kinks, written by Ray Davies about an encounter with a transsexual!

This song is from the JustinGuitar Vintage Songbook:

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  1. Is this song about a man thinking he's with a women but actually a dude?

  2. nailed it – as usual

  3. Great Lesson! Justin explains it all very clearly and simply. I've watched many guitar how to videos and he's the best I've seen/heard. Love the look and sound of the guitar he's playing on this Lola song. Anybody know the make and model?


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  5. Dude you're the best. Not just with Lola (every damn song I wanna learn you have the video!) Thanks bro.

  6. tnx justin you da man

  7. To me, the original sounds like it's played on a Dobro or resonator.

  8. What guitar is that mate?

  9. Justin, your one of the best teachers on YouTube!

  10. You Da Best Justin – Keep rock'n  Steve from savageband Florida Keys  . . . . .

  11. Great lesson. Thanks a lot.

  12. who's better done you Mate ?

  13. great lesson to a great song, another one to my song list.

  14. Hey Justin. I really like your attitude towards the lesson and us!

  15. Fantastic. Thanks. This is going on my Tribute # set list.

  16. Anyone else learning this song just to play the parody Yoda? xD Great lesson man

  17. Great, great song.

  18. It's so awesome to see how much you enjoy playing the guitar, smiling the whole time, I love you

  19. As always I appreciate your accuracy with your lessons, your overall pleasant, candid presentation. I have learned quite a few songs from you and I've been playing guitar for about 44 years! Thanks, Justin!

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