how to play “Love In Vain” on guitar by The Rolling Stones – acoustic guitar lesson tutorial

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An acoustic guitar lesson on how to play “Love In Vain” by The Rolling Stones.



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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here:–acoustic.html

  2. brilliant lesson!! really easy to follow and you make things simple. thank you

  3. Wow, you discovered it when researching this tutorial. Cool, and congrats. It is indeed one of Keiths best. Love it. Check out his version of it on the Stripped sessions studio version. Keiths wonderful walking between chords.

  4. I've been practicing guitar for about a year. Since a few months after I began to learn the basics of guitar I have been practicing Robert Johnson's version. During my regime of practice I've included and immersed myself almost everyday with the song. A month or so after beginning practicing Johnson's version then I began the 'Stones version… I'm still trudging through both of em' (both playing Johnson's and 'Stones versions and listening to many a band's versions)….

    Watching your video today has no doubt enlightened me. I am sure it'll help propel my practice of this song (all versions). I was mostly playing the versions without forming chord shapes arpeggio like and just moving fingers to the strings frets. I mean I have practiced arpeggio, but still I am limited in knowing many chord shapes and the ones I know still limited in motor memory. Now though I'll be challenging myself more so to practicing the way you've taught here. I am sure this practice will be the way to do on other songs too. Thanks for the boost!

  5. Man, thank you very much, you've made me cry happily

  6. Re. my comment below….managed to figure out the Stripped version of this song…which is my preffered of the two. Thanks again! You Sir, are a great teacher!!

  7. Excellent rendition of a true Stones classic. Love it. I do have a quick question regarding the Stripped version of Love in Vain. Keith doesn't capo in this. Is the chord progression the same? It sounds like there are a few differences. Thanks again! Very accomplished, and I love your channel.

  8. I cant believe i have stumbled across this song tutorial. I remember listening to get ya yah yahs out (thinks that's the correct spelling) after school in the early seventies thinking how I would have loved to be at that GIG in MSG NY. The recording is raw – feed back and stuff and there are a few bum notes from Bills Bass, but that's what makes it so natural and the atmosphere! Especially during Midnight Rambler is electric. Gotta learn this.
    Thanks man.

  9. Great lesson. Really helped me to watch it at half speed but then the Shutup & Play guy sounds drunk.

  10. Nice lesson. THANKS!!

  11. I only ever knew the Ya Ya's version. No Capo. But hey this is great. Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Fantastic. Please add a Mick Taylor slide tutorial to add to this song. Love your playing.

  13. Please PLEASE do Can't You Hear Me Knocking.

  14. hanselmann reinhold

    Großartiges Video. Viele Dank

  15. love how much you enjoy this song, so do i. great lesson

  16. Stéphane Ambrosini

    your not a guitar player
    you're a musician with passion for details that make a difference
    i love it
    many many thanks

    please try to do it for "If i'(m unworthy" frm Blake mill, the future of guitar heroes and please, tell me if so

    take care

  17. Not talking about this particular one. Your all lessons are brilliant. I learned 'the rain song', 'over the hills and far away' and many more from your lessons. I'd request you to make some lessons of 'Allman brothers band' songs like 'seven turns','mellisa' etc. Thank you.

  18. As much as you have to give credit to the original, I think Keith really fleshed the song out. And that's a great tutorial. Thanks.

  19. First, thanks for the excellent tutorial on Keith Richards version of Love in Vain. I'm actually a fan of the Stones but I lost a bit of respect for Jagger/Richards when I noticed years ago they put their names against Love in Vain and Stop Breaking Down (another Robert Johnson song they covered) as if they wrote the songs! Normally, the original artist is acknowledged as the song writer on the record and maybe something like 'rearranged' is credited against the newer version. But like on most of their records when you scroll down the song list, you'll see Jagger/Richards against Love in Vain – probably why you, like most people thought they wrote it. Anyway, thanks again.

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