How To Play – Luke Bryan – Drunk On You – Tutorial – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Beginner

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How To Play – Luke Bryan – Drunk On You – Tutorial – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Beginner Brett Papa papastache papastachepop papastache102 lessons
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  1. Thank you for doing the video. It would be cool for you to teach in small sections, include the chords in font on the video and change them as you change.

  2. do more luke bryan

  3. wish you'd play through the whole song in one go for accompaniment that way i could work on timing of transitions and so forth but all in all its really a great video to learn with. great content!

  4. Tuning is F# U C# K# Y O U#, it requires 7 strings guitar. You welcome.

  5. thnks papa awsme simple yet killer..

  6. how  could you play luke bryan new song games

  7. I would love to see "Everything is You" or "Always the Love Songs" by Eli Young Band both great songs!!

  8. hey Papatache, any chance of Dark side by Eric Church. would be great to learn that 1. managed all the songs you've done so far.

  9. Michael Clifford Jr

    I really wanna learn how to play "This Is NRA Country" by Justin Moore on the acoustic.

  10. Hey I couldn't get your website to work so I'll just request a song here. Could you do the song Good Life by Logan Mize? It would mean a lot because it got me through being away from home for the Army. If you could do this song I'd appreciate it! Thanks!

  11. MrComputerGuy199


  12. steven carrington

    this song is awesme

  13. $10-$30. Nothing fancy is necessary. Usually you can just pick the one you like best.

  14. MrComputerGuy199

    Does anybody know where I can get a decent capo? And could you tell me a price??? Thanks.

  15. What is the walk down note exactly you do right after the opening?

  16. No, im sorry no

  17. I found this by accident, soooooo glad i did thankyou!!!!
    Your amazing!!

  18. Do one on you dont know jack, i really want to learn that song and cant find anyone doing a video on it

  19. great playing, but cut the hair

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