How to Play Melodic Lead Guitar by Targeting Chord Tones

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Hey what’s up you guys! Marty here again from “MartyMusic”! Today i have a new soloing lesson with a few concepts I really enjoy using. I’m “thinking” Major pentatonic but avoiding the most “major” sound of it. I hope it sparks some new ideas for you.

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  2. Hey, Marty, thanks for the lesson. I have a question, tho. If you play a pentatonic major, avoiding the major 3rd, then bend the 2nd up to a minor 3rd, and play the 4th… you're essentially left with a pentatonic minor (with the 2nd added in for flavour). This left me a bit more confused than before… Actually the major 3rd is a chord tone in major blues, so why not play it (and mix it with the minor 3rd) for some added bluesy flavour? I'm nowhere near as good a guitarist as you are… I'm just asking because I want to understand blues better. Thanks!

  3. love love love marty music. I've purchased liked 5 courses from marty and they have proven incredibly useful keep up the good work marty!

  4. Nina Simone my baby just cares for me.

  5. Just what I was looking for. Thanks! What are the chords on your backing track?

  6. TheRovingGrunt 11b

    I have a lesson request – changing scale degrees over blues changes. There’s a fluid way that the masters used that very few do any more except guys like Gary Clark Jr that have a solid blues understanding. Jimi was masterful at it. Help a brother out!

  7. TheRovingGrunt 11b

    Marty… that run at 6:43 was cash money!!

  8. I watch Marty's videos in 1080p for every crisp pixel to detail his beard

  9. I would like to see a break down of BTO "Taking Care of Business", opening intro.

  10. Sir! Can you please make a video on Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss – Whiskey Lullaby. Thank you.

  11. Stephen Prystupa

    Marty could you please teach us Johny winters version of rock me baby!

  12. Boston-Smokin.

  13. Hey Marty! Thanks for all the great videos. I always look forward to what you’re going to do next.

    Learning guitar has been really therapeutic for me. I carry a pick in my pocket as a fidget and it relaxes me when I get stressed. Thanks again!

  14. hey marty just love the way you teach . please its a request .. make a video about how to make an arpeggiated version of any song .

  15. Hey marty i can now play every single song you have made video on and would like o request a song.Please do the New Breaking Benjamin song Red Cold River or Feed the Wolf

  16. Do an eruption tutorial!!!

  17. you should do a video on bad reputation by joan jett

  18. Awesome lick 🙂 love that sound

  19. Marty, please do the solo to sappy by nirvana!! ❤️

  20. For about 7 years or so I’ve been watching your videos every day for hours. Over those 7 years YOU taught me guitar. Thank you so much for all these videos and lessons. You’re amazing Marty!

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