how to play “Michelle” on guitar by The Beatles | Paul McCartney | acoustic guitar lesson tutorial

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An acoustic guitar lesson on how to play “Michelle” by The Beatles | Paul McCartney



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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here:–acoustic.html

  2. love it, thanks!

  3. I've decided to learn this song so I can play it to myself on my birthday – an ode to me from me

  4. George Petersen

    When I forget something this guy is untouchable. Because he goes by original recording and he plays great.

  5. Gregory Edwards

    I used to love this song until McCartney sang it to Barry the traitor's bulldike Big Mike, in the Whitehouse. What a friggin' joke

  6. Doménica R. R.


  7. that "B flat seven sharp nine" is found in the Mickey Baker Jazz Guitar Method  which was a popular instruction book written in the 1950's. It was published internationally and was quite popular with aspiring jazz guitarists. I'm sure that was the chord shape that you're referring to. It's listed in the chord reference page as a D13 flat five, flat nine (moved up two frets to make it a  E13 flat five, flat nine.  Crazy how identical chord shapes can have different names!

  8. hey, these are so good and exact. but one small correction (!) you only included the outro solo. the mid-song solo ends on an Ab.

  9. The Real Paul Mccartney sang it better. False Paul can never sing as well as the real Beatle, Paul. Besides, The real Paul was Left Handed, Not right handed.

  10. Michael Bedward

    This is a really terrific lesson – thanks so much. I know that Bflat7#9 shape as the 'Mickey Baker' chord from his 'Jazz Guitar' book (although he used it as a 13th chord for a different root). Such a cool sound – you can understand why they couldn't resist it.

  11. Desmond Craddock

    Best tutorial I've seen on here for this

  12. while my guitar gently weeps aucostic version, please do it!

  13. when i'm 64 the beatles. you are the best in youtube! i trust on you!

  14. jean-pierre lavergne

    Vraiment excellent !!Bravo et Merci.Jp

  15. Frederick Kruse

    Thanks for explaining some parts for which I've never before heard a satisfactory explanation. Great stuff!

  16. As Daffy Duck said many times to Bugs Bunny – "You're….disgusting!" (LOL) And amazing. And accurate beyond belief.

  17. stunning!!

  18. I need to buy a capo…

  19. Frosty Ice Cubes

    420 likes blazin it

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