How To Play – Miranda Lambert – Over You – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EASY

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How To Play – Miranda Lambert – Over You – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EASY Brett Papa Papastachepop papastache
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  1. Too fast for me

  2. Hollywood vampire

    thanks for the lesson

  3. Please make a video on how to play Oklahoma Sky by Miranda Lambert

  4. dossbrinacarpenter

  5. Have you tuned it differently?

  6. i wish this guy does a tutorial of famous in a small town

  7. Michelle Berntson

    Thank you for breaking it down so well!

  8. Wow thanks for this, i put this video in my "watch later" cause i started guitar in January so back then I couldn't do this yet. Now i was roaming around my watch later vids and find this, so happy. Thanks I now can nail this one

  9. Kristen Strecker

    Can you do a tutorial of Miranda lambert makin plans!? Especially the intro

  10. Thanks papa Stash for taking the time and effort to create this video!!!

  11. Do you smoke pot?

  12. You make me want to play guitar all day.  Wish there were more hours in the day.  Brett, you are a great teacher.  You are now my favorite.

  13. Papa you are the best man…love your videos. You teach the other stuff…nobody else does.

  14. Ngọc Tú Trần

    woww thanks so much, it's rather easy to learn!

  15. You are awesome.  Can you please post one for Jason Mraz's Sleeping to Dream, please?  (Live version preferably.)  🙂

  16. Amanda ฅ•ع•ฅ

    I'm cofused

  17. You rock! Great teacher.

  18. Can u teach us how to play anything goes by Randy houser

  19. This was so helpful! Thank you so much!!

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