how to play “Mississippi Queen” on guitar by Mountain – Leslie West lesson tutorial

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For more information on this lesson go here:–rhythm-and-solo.html

An electric guitar lesson on how to play “Mississippi Queen” by Mountain featuring Leslie West on guitar.



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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here:–rhythm-and-solo.html

  2. Antonio Cavicchioni

    Just to thank you for the lesson. Your words of advise are the best part of the lesson. Thanks!

  3. Excellent Song! What pedal effect are you using to get Leslie's sound on this song?

  4. Denny Mcfastlane

    'Shutup', You nailed the positioning and the all important 'wEST' Vibrato!!! Leslie was using flat wound LaBella strings in those dayz! Really g00d teach video of an all timeless classic riff/tune. With Leslie's Vibrato, he always pulled the original note back to where he started the pull, and every single note was played like it was the last note he'd every play. I'll have to try those Elixir Nanoweb 10-46 out, they sound killer! Funny, used to know Bruce Egnater in Detroit when he was just starting out in a small repair room as a green amp tech/repair guy at Gus Zoppi Music, located on the infamous 8 Mile Road. Gus Zoppi Music was 5 blocks down from the trailer park that Eminem grew up in–haha. A lot of us used Bruce's small amp with a transistor in place of the speaker to tame our Marshall's down to play the bar circuit. Had a lot of great amp tech's back then, Bruce Egnater and 'Fast Eddie' were the Kats Ass back then. 'Fast Eddie' serviced everyone from the Stones to Merle Haggard, and was the very first amp tech to put a Master Volume switch on a Twin Reverb, way before Fender even thought about it. C'ya & Thanx!

  5. Wicked vibrato you got there !!

  6. Martin Armendariz

    great lesson Thanks.

  7. Absolutely awesome!! Your lessons are amazing. Among the best!
    How did you achieve this tone?

  8. Thanks ,,,,

  9. thx. i wish you would show the strumming pattern for the power chord shift….i am having a hard time doing it fast…i think its D shift then UDDD??


  11. Wow I was learning this song by ear on a strat and I felt something missing, maybe its the tone, bad ass LP tone you got.

  12. Killer tone, and awesome vibrato, man.

  13. That intro lead (0:09) is one of the most disgusting, vulgar, nasty little guitar licks of all time…… and I fucking love it 😉

  14. Vicious, just vicious tone.

  15. oscar agudelo zuluaga

    hermosa esta melodia. me encanta y la guitarra sonido perfecto

  16. Hey how about posting a rhythm version as well? Some of us guys are responsible for the groove! 🙂

  17. Michael Acquaviva

    Could not tell the difference… YOU ROCK……

  18. What settings do you need for the amp and a pedal?

  19. Hey guys I've been playing for about two months (don't take classes or nothing) but is this song more for advanced players because I feel like it is?

  20. tabril plis

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