How To Play Money by Pink Floyd Bass Guitar Lesson

How To Play Money by Pink Floyd Bass Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play Money by Pink Floyd in this free lesson from Center Stage Bass Academy. For more Bass Guitar instruction visit us at
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  1. victor webster

    please tune your bass

  2. i think this is the best video about how to play this song. every step well explained, others use to complicate everything

  3. Terrific video. I had learned this by ear some time ago and needed a good refresher. I am glad that you cleared up the sax solo and guitar solo parts. It had me a bit confused at first because the sax solo stays in 4:3 time.

  4. Finally!,someone who can actually play this bass line accurately and also break it down into  teachable segments.Thanks and please continue doing great work. 

  5. I love the three different angle video shot but I'm a beginner and I wish you could explain it broke it down slower.

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