How to Play “Money” by Pink Floyd – Guitar Lesson and Bass

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Hey guys! Marty here with “MartyMusic” thanks again for supporting me right here! Today’s song lesson is the Pink Floyd classic “Money” very fun to play because the bass line is so catchy and you can play it on guitar and Bass! Thanks again for watching, see you soon!



  1. Thanks so much for supporting "MartyMusic"! also, FREE courses at

  2. Niilo Nevalainen

    You are awesome player but I can't listen while you're singing 😀

  3. TIME!!!! pleassssssssseeeeeeeee amazing lesson as always tho!

  4. Raymundo Vargas

    No le sale

  5. Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins

  6. Bradley Fairchild

    Dean Martin lessons ?

  7. Thanks Marty! Can you do Senses Working Overtime XTC!

  8. Keep up the great work Marty, you are one hell of a great teacher!

  9. Love it

  10. Marty is a god

  11. Martin Ackerler

    Please do Money for Nothing from the Dire Straits again but a bit slower than in the old channel

  12. Great lesson Marty I'm definitely gonna give this one a go!

  13. Ok Request's @ Friction by Imagine Gragons, but with Marty's Amazing Looper playing the Mission Impossible Theme in Background. Can you do it before the New Mission Impossible Fallout Movie Comes Out July 27, 2018: Please?

  14. And again…thanks

  15. Love seeing Floyd lessons wouldn’t mind seeing a Bowie “Fame” lesson either. Thanks Marty

  16. Hey Marty,
    Any chance for a lesson sometime on "From the beginning" by Emerson Lake & Palmer?
    Thanks man,
    Dave in the Adirondacks

  17. please do more pink floyd songs! there is no sheep tutorial ANYWHERE! PLS DO SHEEP!

  18. Thanks Marty

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