How to play – Money For Nothing – Dire Straits – Mark Knopfler

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  1. Juracy Da Silva Martins

    Ess guitar e horrivel

  2. Heyyy now this guy has his own channel

  3. xXxInfernoGamingxXx

    absolutally amazing, got the first half down in 2 hours, still mastering it though. all of your tutoriels are clear and very understanding

  4. Michiel Tombergen

    My dude! You play this song spot on! Could you upload a video of the whole song? (maybe even with some volcals over your guitarplay?)_ u actually sound amazing!

  5. you are the best !!! thanks you

  6. help alot

  7. Thanks for the instruction… well explained. However as other people have pointed out, you never actually play the riff in the whole video, which is kind of a let down. Thumbs up, but only sort of.

  8. Matt E G here, we used to drive all around & party massive & watch play gigs with the gang – been a while Bro – wow small world. holy crap you got good. You need your break now & get out there, I will help with it for sure. Play On – You Rock –

  9. I Love your videos. Thx. You explain very good and not to fast

  10. Cranjis McBasketball

    this song made me want to play the guitar 30 years ago… and i never learned it!

  11. That's cool I never knew

  12. He did play it at temp in the intro, he does that and doesn’t pontificate ad nauseam.

  13. U go wayyyy to slow teaching this.. for litterally any level of player

  14. after playing the first 3 strokes i couldn't help but yell "money for nothing and Chicks for free"

  15. Man, have someone ever told you your fuckin billy Joel's clone?

  16. Sounds like the poster "GuitarJamz" is practicing and learning while trying to educate


  18. very good

  19. Wheres mine lol

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