how to play “More Than a Feeling” by Boston – electric guitar rhythm lesson

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An electric guitar lesson on how to play More Than A Feeling by Boston. This is an add on to the acoustic guitar lesson found here:

You should watch that first as it goes in depth on the rhythm parts. There’s only a couple of sections where the electric rhythm is different from the acoustic so this lesson covers those.

I get a lot of questions about my tone so here’s what I’m using:

My amp is an Egnater Renegade head through a Marshall 1960b cabinet. I use a TC Electronics Nova System through the loop for effects. On almost all songs I just use a digital delay, roughly 400ms, but some stuff I use tap tempo to set the delay. I also use a BB preamp on most lead tones and sometimes (rarely) a Boss CS-3 compressor. The reverb is from the amp. My wah is a Dunlop MC404 CAE Dual Inductor, REALLY great pedal! I also use a Polytune tuner which is a fantastic.
My guitar is a 1975 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. I have Suhr Aldrich pickups on it. I use Elixir 10-46 strings.

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cheers everyone
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  1. Love the color of that Les Paul

  2. Great lesson dude!  Alot  of guys on here like to show their skills, however, do not know how to teach. Thank you for your gift of time, skill and knowledge.

  3. good show mate

  4. Boston was ahead of their time for sure their sound blew you away Great job on showing how complex the song is :-)

  5. Awesome Lesson, Thank you!!! I don't know anything about music but I need to know what key this song is in to set my harmoniser. Could you help me there?


  7. Just sublime fella,  this and the Gary Moore stuff, Excellent!, very thorough explanation/detail. Top guy.

  8. Fantastic lessons and very strait forward…Have you ever tried to decompose "I HAD A REAL GOOD TIME" by Boston…I really admire how Tom Scholtz puts the time into his compositions…I am not very good at playing by ear and I cannot for the life of me, figure this song out.  I think it would make a great tutorial, the way you present them.  I will understand if you cannot do this, but I thought I would at least ask.  Keep the instructions coming…they are great!

  9. Very detailed and impressive playing!  With these skills, you could've been in BOSTON!

  10. Another great guitar…like Beck's "Ox blood" Les Paul.

  11. It would be great if you could do "Sweet child o' mine" by Guns N' Roses. Great video.

  12. I love the instruction. I'm starting to play at 49 and this has been one of my favorite songs since i bought the album..cheers for the great lesson.

  13. Дмитрий Милехин

    Thank you very much for your lessons !!!

  14. Hey Sir! 🙂 Any chance of the "Frozen Love" guitar solo from Buckingham Nicks? It's awesome! :')

  15. You did it again, my friend.  You NAILED it!!!  Your lessons help me learn so darn fast I'm already prepped and dying for the solo lesson.  I've been able to learn my ear worm songs so much faster thanks to your excellent videos.  In my opinion you are the BEST I have found on YouTube.  Keep up the excellent work!

  16. Spot on!  You are able to pick out all of the little nuances that made Boston a top notch band.  Most bums just hear the root.  Nice work as always brother.

  17. Nice details!  I learned pieces and parts of this song about 30 years ago – it was the first guitar song I attempted to learn.  I'm really excited about learning the rest of the pieces and really get it right.  Better late than never – right?  Thanks for the video!!

  18. One of my all time favourite rock songs, especially the solo. You've got the sounds spot on. Well done mate

  19. Awesome as usual. I have to say that i sure wish I had these video's 35 yrs ago when I was learning to play as I learned songs with vinyl records moving a needle back and forth. You young folks learning really need to thank this guy for taking his time to do this … Rock On !!

  20. Excellent, I've learned a lot from watching your vids, thanks!!!!

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