How to Play – More Than Words – Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial

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How to Play – More Than Words – Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial
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  1. Pelagia Sutcliffe

    This is just lovely I could listen to it all day long. I so like the way you teach, your good at it.

  2. Dominick Romeo

    Where do I like on for the free cords Marrie??!! :-)

  3. thanks dude for the tutorial i appriceate it :)

  4. Brittany Knight

    your version is so inaccurate and fucking horrible

  5. nice but i missin rythm at the end

  6. Tyson Ngawhare

    My sis has got it but I get her confidence.

  7. Yasira Henandez Rodiguez

    You R awersome!

  8. after the 6:44 secs I didn't get it you don't explained & detailed it

  9. Persephone Ximena

    this is very helpful! thank you

  10. they snuck in a subliminal message at 41 seconds… click song

  11. Everything is awesome up to 6:30 then the strumming pattern is not explained and gets confusing very fast :(

  12. Michael Larmon

    You're the man Marty

  13. wtf. so boring

  14. Damn. Nice one man, helped me alot! Thumbs up!

  15. this is to confusing

  16. Metallica vs Nirvana

    Like your hat~:)

  17. Nice tutorial dude. i can understand easily. subbed

  18. Dino Och Åke och moa


  19. just found this vid and iv allready learnt the first half in like 20 minz..and im an absolute beginer on guitar litraly had my guitar about 2 months and only played it recently no lessons…cheers for the vid big thumbs up..

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